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After growing up on the Isles of Scilly, George became very enthusiastic about boats and engines. Acquiring his first boat through hard work at the age of thirteen, he spent every evening working on it, teaching himself and procuring guidance to bolster his experience within the marine setting.


Always taking on projects and restoring them, he found a true love for it with servicing his own and friends outboards, and learning the 12v side of electrics.


Moving to the mainland for further education, he went to Falmouth to study marine engineering. After graduating, George was accepted to commence a trainee engineer position at Cockwells Modern & Classic Boatbuilding which he held for 5 years.  George quickly advanced within the Marine engineering trade and went on to studying Marine Electrical courses at Poole University as well as Yanmar marine diesel training. In the ensuing years, George became a production line Duchy 35 lead hand and started to train his own apprentices.

It soon became apparent that George should be running his own company and that leads us to today, when GSEngineering was born.

George Smalley with twin Suzuki 325HP Outboards
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